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Write what the customer would like to know,  not what you want to show.  


Open Hard Ware

We put the maximum of plans for your Swap-Box.


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A punchy Idea

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                                          Atola start in 2014

Atola is based in Switzerland, a small team independent of each other, we will work to bring new decentralized financial resources to everyone. For this purpose, Atola mainly manufactures independent exchange kiosks that are completely free code and hardware solution.

Simplicity first.

The goal is simply to be able to democratize cryptocurrencies for the whole world, we have to simplify all the steps as much as possible.
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 Odoo • Image and Text

1. Plans

You have different Swap-Box plans to inspire you, you just take them, modify them, tinker with them.

Freecad is a completely open source program, which is easy to learn.
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2. Materiels

2. Incorporate the different elements of your Swap-Box, using one of our kits.
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3. Implement Swap-Box software

Install the Swap-Box programs. A simple Raspberry PI 3 can accommodate the Swap-Box program.

We need your help  Atola is not a large company, we do not want grants from banks or multi-national, we need to provide you to stay as well.