Atola is an open-source project that enables the creation of customizable and accessible
ERC20 ATMs .


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Atola is an open-source project that aims to make cryptocurrency more accessible and convenient for everyone.

Our project is based on several points of fabrication of ATM Swapbox and other related technologies.

At Atola, we are committed to promoting the adoption of cryptocurrency by making it more accessible and easy to use for everyone.

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SwapBox App.

Swapbox is an open-source  program that allows users to create  customizable and accessible  crypto ATMs at home.

Unlike traditional crypto ATMs,  Swapbox is decentralized, market  risk-free, and  censorship-resistant. It runs without a server or exchange, relying on automated market makers and  stablecoins instead



Kurmara Enclosure is a specifically designed enclosure for the Swapbox project.

Making it an ideal
ATM for cash-in and cash-out
to crypto.





 EPSILIS ATM is a custom-built housing that fits perfectly with the ATM Swapbox , providing a  professional and sleek appearance while  offering maximum  protection for the machine and its components.

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Atola is based in Switzerland, a small team independent of each other, Atola 2023. Free code and hardware solution.