Kumara Swapbox.

Kurmara Enclosure is the perfect enclosure fit with the swap-box project, it is made for cash in and cash out.

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Kuramara Modules



Sreen tactil 13p

Printer recept

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Raspberry PI
Camera QRCode

Block alim
110/220 to 12v 5v

Enclosure 5mm

Kurmara is a model Specifically designed for professional.

It is developed by Atola and volks.eco, manufactured in Portugal with a solid sheet metal ranging from 5mm in thickness, making it perfect for small space This compact machine can accept multiple types of bill validators and dispensers capable of holding up to 1000 notes. There are several available variants to meet different needs. The plans are also open source, allowing everyone to adapt and share them with the community.

Kits Kurmara.

Kurmara is made up of many parts and is completely open source. You can get it as a kit or already assembled by our team.
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Decorate your Swapbox as you want

The graffiti comes from  Lif of the Bench Crew Family ,
she comes from Geneva and she is damn talented.

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