Kumara Swap-box (Prototype)

Kurmara Enclosure is the perfect enclosure fit with the swap-box project, it is made for cash in and cash out.

Odoo • Text and Image

Make your Swap-Box Kurmara

Odoo • Image and Text

1.  Make the enclosure

Our first model on a safe base is made in India in New Delhi, in Inch.
Odoo • Image and Text

2. Install all Electronic materiels

We have a kit to install everything for the Tola.
Odoo • Image and Text

3. Install the software Swap-box

The software is made in 2 parts, first part is the Swap-box which is used to manage the Machine and the 2nd part is an internal server which is used to write on the block chain you transferred.

Decorate your Swap-Box as you want

The graffiti comes from  Lif of the Bench Crew Family ,
she comes from Geneva and she is damn talented.

Odoo • A picture with a caption